Training Courses

Capacity Building Courses

Office, Administration & Management Short Courses
# Course
1Labour Relations Training for Supervisors and Shop stewards
2Initiating disciplinary enquiries
3How to Conduct & chair a disciplinary enquiry NQF Level 5, Unit Standard 255514
4Capacitation of Employment Equity Committee Workshop
5Advanced Labour Relations Training for Supervisors, Line Managers and Senior Managers
6Change Management Training
7Performance Management Training
8Employment Equity Training
9Shop Steward Training
10Diversity Management Training
11Recruitment and Selection Training
12Report Writing Skills Training
13Facilitation/Presentation Skills Training
14Business Communications Training
15Stress Management
16Conflict Management
17Strategic Planning
18Occupational Health and Safety
19Fire Fighting
20Coaching & Mentoring
21Time Management
22Computer Literacy
23Finance for Non Finance Managers
24Assessor Training
25Moderator Training
26Telephone Skills
27Budget Administration
28Prepare/Develop a Budget for a specific department/sector
29Bid Committee Training
30Ethics in the workplace
31Cultural Awareness
32Supply Chain/Procurement Management Training
33Human Resources Management Training
34Recruitment and Selection of Candidates to fill Positions (Competency based Interviewing Skills)
36Reception Skills
37Emotional Intelligence Training
38Interpersonal Communication Skills
39Supervisory Skills for team leaders
40Business Communication
41Conducting Structured Meetings
42Customer Service Excellence
43Leadership Development for Junior Managers
44Leadership Development for Middle Managers
45Leadership Development for Senior Managers
46Leading People - Short Training
47Management Development Programme
48Strategic Problem Solving
49HIV / AIDS in the workplace
50Basic First Aid
51Basic Fire Fighting
52SHE Representative
53Public Finance Management
54Introduction to Project Management
55Project Management: Fundamentals
56Project Management: Intermediate
57Project Management: Advanced
58Project Management for Project Managers
59Risk in Project Management
60Risk Management Training
61Costing your project
62Project Administration
63Knowledge Management Training
64Monitoring and Evaluation
65Quality in Project Management
66Manage Service Delivery Improvement
67Gender Mainstreaming Training
68Team Work
69Team Building
70Office Administration Skills
71Executive Office Administration
72Client Services Techniques

Skills Development Courses

Life Skills Courses
# Course
1Adult Basic Educational Training (ABET LEVEL 1-4) NQF 1 - Level 1 - 4 (accredited with Umalusi)
2HIV/AIDS Counseling – Legacy
3Women in and into Leadership – Legacy
4Committee Management – Legacy
5First Aid NQF 2

Enterprise Development Courses

# Course
1How to develop a Business Plan
2How to Put Plan into Action
3Sales and Marketing
4Manage Your Money
5Organisational Skills
6Manage Yourself
7Manage Others

Full Qualifications

SAQA ID Qualification/Skills Program NQF Level Credits
49580General Education and Training Certificate: Poultry Production1120
49582National Certificate: Poultry Production2120
48976National Certificate: Animal Production2120
49048National Certificate: Animal Production3120
20288National Certificate: Farming2120
66589National Certificate: Horticulture2120
48977National Certificate: Mixed Farming Systems2120
48972National Certificate: Plant Production1120
49009National Certificate: Plant Production4120

Full Qualifications

SAQA ID Qualification/Skills Program NQF Level Credits
61591National Certificate: Information Technology: End-User Computing3130

Short Courses

SAQA ID Qualification/Skills Program
1Introduction into Computers / Information Technology
2Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
3Microsoft Office Word (Basic/Intermediate/Advance)
4Microsoft Office Excel (Basic/Intermediate/Advance)
5Microsoft Office Outlook (Basic/Intermediate/Advance)
6Microsoft Office PowerPoint (Basic/Intermediate/Advance)
7Microsoft Office Access (Basic/Intermediate/Advance)
8Microsoft Office Project skills (Basic/Intermediate/Advance)
9Use Computer Technology to Research a computer topic

Full Qualifications

SAQA ID Qualification/Skills Program NQF Level Credits
21793National Certificate: Contact Center Support2128
21791National Certificate: Contact Center Support4
23654National Certificate: Management3120
23833National Certificate: Business Administration Services2
23655National Certificate: Business Administration Services3 120
35928National Certificate: Business Administration Services4
23656Further Education and Training Certificate: Management4140
23953National Certificate: New Venture Creation4162
35928Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration Services4140
49648National Certificate: New Venture Creation (SMME)2138
50080Further Education and Training Certificate: Project Management4136
59097Further Education and Training Certificate: Real Estate4150
59276Further Education and Training Certificate: Marketing4139
61755General Education and Training Certificate: Business Practice1121
48641National Certificate: Labour Relations Practice5
49784National Certificate: Labour Relations Practice: Dispute Resolution5
58063Further Education and Training Certificate: Labour Recruitment4
57937General Education and Training Certificate: Hygiene and Cleaning1
36233National Certificate: Hygiene and Cleaning Specialist 22

Full Qualifications

ID Qualification/Skills Program NQF Level Credits
65409National Certificate: Build and Civil Construction3128
24173National Certificate: Construction Roadworks3155
24133National Certificate: Construction Roadworks2102
24273National Certificate: Community House Building2124
65891LP 58782 Further Education and Training Certificate: Construction: Plumbing 4120
20813National Certificate: Construction Contracting2190

Full Qualifications

# ID Course NQF Level Credits
148965Certificate: Municipal Financial Management6166
249605National Certificate: Environmental Practice 2128
357823National: Certificate: Ward Committee Governance2120
436436 National Certificate: Local Economic Development4163
550081 Further Education and Training Certificate: Leadership Development 4160

Full Qualifications

# ID Course NQF Level Credits
158761Further Education and Training Certificate: Early Childhood Development4140

Unit Standards

# ID Course NQF Level Credits
1115753Conduct Outcomes Based Assessments 515
2Conduct Moderation of Outcome Based Assessment 610
3Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies 510
436436Conduct Targeted Training and Development using given Methodologies 410